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The Tricky Drive for Winning at the Slots

Why do we lose at the game of slots? Why are there fewer winners than losers at the game though all have the drive for winning at the slots?

Few understand that it is not the 1. 40 plus house edge or the random generation of numbers or the tightness of the machine that made them lose at the slots. It is the covetous drive for winning at the slots that make us lose more than win at it. We waste time if we try to figure out the math or probabilities of winning at the slots because it's all a simple matter of quitting while we are ahead in the game.

Many players want to hit really big at the slots. Small wins won't do for them. They want to see how the advertized 95 percent payout would work for them. So they wait and play some more until they see the machine throw out $950,000 - or at least half of that. The truth is, machines do release wins now and then. But we cannot hope to be winning at the slots with spectacular payouts by trying a few hundred plays. The key is to win some and quit while we have taken enough.

If we keep at it, a prolonged play at the slots would make us lose everything--winnings and the initial investment we did. The 95 percent payback they're talking of is an overall payout once a machine reaches capacity after so many players have played it. That will be a long time of playing the slots by different players. But this doesn't mean we, as an individual, would only have to play long enough at the slots to win big.

A lucky winner takes it if the player happens to spin at the exact moment the random generation hits a win. But this happens randomly too, and we cannot rely on randomness for winning at the slots.

So, greed is the tricky drive for winning at the slots. We may be driven by a win of a few hundred dollars, or probably a few bucks - investing $200 and growing it to $250 or $300 is not bad. We can walk out of the casino with fresh additional cash and come back later or the next day for another chance of winning at the slots.

We try the slots to make some money, and there's a big chance of making this happen. But tremendously wining at the slots is another story altogether.

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