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Play Gilligan's Island Slots and Relive the Moments

The famous television show, Gilligan's Island is now a slot machine that former viewers of this show and avid slot players can enjoy. Gilligan's Island slot has 30 paylines complete with 5 reels which was conceptualized by International game Technology.

Gilligan's Island slot offers us a progressive jackpot, meaning the prize money continually increases until a player has won. The Gilligan's Island slot offers a jackpot prize of as much as two hundred thousand dollars as long as the player makes the maximum bet. The maximum bet is three dollars while the minimum is one cent. The minimum jackpot amount for Gilligan's Island slot is twenty thousand dollars which is not all too bad in itself. However, this minimum jackpot amount in Gilligan's Island slot has not been hit until it has at least doubled or tripled.

For the fans of the Gilligan's Island television show, they would be familiar with Bob Denver. Bob Denver's voice can be heard in the Gilligan's Island slot and there's an additional treat to players who win bonus games. The bonus games in the Gilligan's Island slots with clips from the show. The bonus game in the Gilligan's Island slot is triggered by the icons shipwreck shorts and then the player is asked to make several selections until they come across their bonus selection of choice.

When we play Gilligan's Island slots, we can also get bonus rounds from the game Castaway Cash and it is triggered by 3 castaway cash icons that pop up on the screen. The story behind this bonus round when we play Gilligan's Island slots is to use the device which the Professor has made to get out of the island. When we play Gilligan's Island slots we need to choose which castaway they would like to help them rev the machine. Once the machine stops when we play Gilligan's Island slots, the mount of money we earned in the bonus round is revealed. The good thing about this video slots game is that even the bonus rounds when we play Gilligan's Island slots has a multiplier and even rewards the player with free spins.

The best thing about Gilligan's Island slots is that it is well detailed. When we play Gilligan's Island slots, we get to see old clips featuring the whole cast of this television show. Even the gorgeous women of Gilligan's Island, Ginger and Mary Ann have their roles when we play Gilligan's Island slots. Indeed, every second played on this slot machine takes us to set of Gilligan's Island.

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